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We embrace flexible living.

Forget the office. Forget working from home.

Discover and book amazing properties in an array of authentic neighborhoods and experience flexibility, smart pricing and always-on support.

Whether it's a new or remote job, moving to a new city, renovating, an extended vacation, the call of friends or the call of love, finding the right place to live should be quick and easy.

Wanderness provides you with mobility and convenience, giving you the freedom and flexibility to live anywhere, on your own terms.

Our mission is to connect you with the finest, fully-furnished properties that fit your life, wherever it takes you.

Welcome to the flexible living lifestyle.

All the comforts of a dreamy home, tailored to the flexibility of the modern life.

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Our Story

It all started in the fall of 2020.

Work should be something we do, not somewhere we go.

Wanderness is built by a passionate team of designers, engineers, operators and marketers with a mission to make flexible living accessible to everyone.

Our story begins in the fall of 2020, when, just like almost everyone, our founders Manolis and Ion -- then senior leaders at Uber in Amsterdam -- experienced a disruption in their way of working, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

They suddenly had to relocate and once again they faced the painful process of finding, renting and moving all their stuff to a new home. They desperately started searching for a turnkey solution for renters like themselves that were in need of flexible housing solutions, without being locked in and tied down by the dated processes of real estate.

That search inspired a new company meant to solve these rental woes.

Since then, they have been on a mission to provide flexible living to those who want to be open to new opportunities and move freely in the world.

That mission became Wanderness.

Imagine if we could promise flexible living and housing, that allow you to rent the finest, fully furnished properties at the fairest pricing possible and with no hussle at all.

Manolis and Ion have brought together a team of exceptionally talented and passionate professionals who love working with each other every day. Together, they are exploring new locations and meticulously vetting hundreds of homes each week, as they bring Waderness to more destinations around the world.

Work should be something we do, not somewhere we go.

Meet our team

Manolis ManassakisManolis Manassakis

Co-founder, CEO

Ion SergisIon Sergis

Co-founder, Operations

Yiannis AndroutselisYiannis Androutselis


Mariefi TranopoulouMariefi Tranopoulou


Anastasios DimokasAnastasios Dimokas


Chara SklikaChara Sklika


We are always looking for exceptionally talented individuals to join our team.

At Wanderness, we want to bring out the best of the locations we operate in — and that starts with our people. We’re challenging ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves so we can create the best offering for our community.

That’s why we’re constantly growing our team to help us shape the future of flexible housing and living. We’re looking for talented and passionate professionals to join us on this journey.

If you are talented, hardworking, a team player and ready to grow with us, send us an email with your CV at We look forward to hearing from you!